In Sanskrit (Indian language), Namaste means “I honor the light in you” and when you say it to another person, they reply “Namaste” back to you – honoring the light within you. I think of the light within each of us as the essence of who we are individually and also the essence of what unites us as a collective energy of people. When I look at the flickering light of the candle next to me, I am thinking of how the world is coming together to help the people of Haiti – honoring the light that shines in people who are enduring tremendous hardship and grieving the loss of too many of their loved ones. It sometimes takes a catastrophe to unite humanity, to consider what is truly important, to find the uplifting stories within the darkness of the disaster. As I look at the flame and see the flickering candle – it represents hope – hope for the Haitian community. Similar to how the candle needed my help to get started, the Haitian people need support to heal from the physical and psychological effects of this tragedy. Similar to the candle that glows beyond the small container it is being held in, the Haitian people are resilient. And like a flame that struggles to remain aflame, the Haitian communities will carry on in the face of adversity. Namaste to the Haitian people.

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