4 quadrants of health

Take rest where you can find it!  The sweet little girl resting in the pedal box – is my granddaughter, Sage, napping during Spiritual Rez‘s set at LEAF.

Early this year I completed a 6-month Health Coaching Program with B1 Community.  We touched upon so many aspects of living a healthy life – and today I would like to share information about the 4 quadrants of health – which are: rest, activity, nutrition, detox.

1) Rest
This is not just about how many hours of sleep we get each night (6-8 hours recommended).  We should also think about ‘slowing down’.  Are we always in a rush – to do the next thing, to get to the next place, to prepare for the next day?  Slow down, breathe.  Learn to be in the moment and there you will find rest during your daytime.  Also, I would suggest – yoga nidra.  A great way to rest the body & mind.

2) Activity
The body appreciates movement.  Being still is not good.  So – move!  Yoga (of course I would suggest that), running, hiking, biking, walking – what is it that you like to do that moves the body and contributes to a strong, healthy being.  The CDC outlines the benefits of physical activity.

3) Nutrition
The old saying – we are what we eat!  It’s true.  What we consume either contributes to the decline of the body or strengthens the immune system.  Dr. Michael Greger examines clinical nutrition research, dispels myths and shares this valuable information with us by way of his DVDs and lectures.

4) Detox/cleanse
Removing toxicity from our lives…. this can be eliminating certain foods, environmental pollutants, removing mercury fillings from your mouth and being mindful about who we spend time with.  What is harming you?  How can we practice ‘maitri’ – loving-kindness toward ourselves?

Be curious about your life choices and find solutions to cleanse your body, mind & soul.


One response to “4 quadrants of health

  1. Oh Maureen
    You certainly have a way of bringing things into perspective. It seems so logical to break things into manageable segments and work our way though-baby step by baby step.
    Once again…hat’s off to my sister!!

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