I was reading an issue of Whole Living Magazine this morning when I came across a wonderful article about a woman who has/is donating $100/day to worthy causes throughout 2010.  Her name is Betty Londergan and her blog is: What Gives 365.

Betty’s blog inspired me to consider a similar idea for 2011 – to donate money and increase awareness about:  1) great organizations doing great work, and 2) individuals who have encountered hardship.  It is my intention to highlight how individuals, and leaders who start meaningful organizations that help others, ‘live life and make choices’ transforming challenges and uncertainty into hope and inspiration.

I also want to tie the monthly cause(s) to what is important to folks in my life and submit donations in honor of those people (in place of a birthday gift).  For example, my sister in law’s birthday is in February and she loves animals, so I would either ask her to help me decide where to donate for that month or I would chose an animal friendly organization that is doing something extraordinary to contribute to the peaceful existence of animals.

My commitment is threefold
1)  donate something each month
– I have an idea of an amount for the month, but I intend to be flexible and fluid with where and how much to donate as I become aware of need.

2) include family & friends in the giving
– to celebrate their birthdays and honoring my relationship with them.

3) keep my blog more current than I did in 2010
– writing about cool people and organizations that inspire us to live our lives in a way that make a difference.

If you know of an individual or organization you would like to be considered for a donation in 2011, please reply to this blog or email me at:

8 responses to “Giving

  1. Maureen-I really love this idea!!!

    It is a way of literally putting your money where your mouth is (giving to the hungry)

    On the 365 Blog page there is a quote by Bob Marley “A Hungry Man is an Angry Man” So during the month of March please give to someone that needs a meal. Maybe it is a shelter, a food pantry, or a homeless person you encounter-I am sure when the timing is right you will think of me and make someone smile.

    I love that you have this unique ability to inspire others while you try to make the world a better place-one person/step at a time.

    thanks for all you do and share

    • Will do, sis… so March – your birthday month – I will donate to the local food pantry. It’s also Sage & Jenna’s b’day month – so, I think I’ll do 1/2 to the food pantry and 1/2 to wherever Jenna decides.


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