GSP Rescue of New England

My sister-in-law’s (Margaret) dog, Maggie, was sick and had to be put to rest recently.  This was very surprising and sad news.  There are some animals that are family pets and there are some pets who are family.  Margaret has had many dogs in her life – Nadia, Cayce, Maggie – and they have all been beloved family members and by Margaret’s side through thick and thin.

Margaret’s birthday was this month and I asked her where she would like me to donate (reminder my ‘giving’ plan for 2011 is to donate to organizations that my family/friends hold in high esteem, that resonate with what is important to them).

So, this month – in honor of Maggie – and on behalf of Margaret and Andrea (another sister-in-law whose birthday was in February and dog lover – of Bodhi), I have donated to GSP Rescue of New England (

GSP Rescue is an all-volunteer organization committed to finding loving, permanent homes for German Shorthaired Pointers in need.  They are a 501(c) 3 organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and operate in all six New England states from CT to ME.

If you are a lover of the 4 legged creatures, and you have some extra cash-o-la this month, perhaps you will consider a donation too – or you could contribute by volunteering your time or spreading the word of this good organization.

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