Lots of fun and informative links along with my thinking!  Hope you enjoy!

I think a lot.

About what to write about in a blog.  (And how do I get on this list? :-))

About yoga.  (Ahmmm, because I love yoga, personal development, spirituality, philosophy.)

About life.

About choices.  (Recognizing we always have a choice – so important.) 
Life is the sum of all your choices.  ~Albert Camus

About love (Is it standing right here singing this song ~Sugarland).

About vulnerability (I’m reading Brené Brown’s book – The Gifts of Imperfection.)

About why I keep coming across the word ‘flourishing’.

About intuition.  (And trusting it, always!)

About synchronicity. (Meaningful coincidences – according to Carl Jung, who coined the phrase.)

About spending too much time on Facebook and Twitter.  (Am I an addict?  Are you?)

About what Sage is doing at this very moment.

About Nappy Yoga. (My name for restorative yoga.)

About quieting my mind, stilling the body, stepping away from the computer and meditating.

Well – I have not posted for over a month and plan to think about how to be more consistent.  If you are reading my blog and have questions or a topic you’d like me to write about – please email me….. as well as commenting and providing feedback.

Make an amazing day, everyone!

4 responses to “Thinking

  1. I just finished reading a novel that gave me a thought. In the book an old man who was from the middle east felt that in order for his God to remember him and/or do the man a favor, the man needed to give someone a blessing who needs a blessing. The person that came to him that he needed to bless was someone he truely hated. He could not bring himself to give this person a blessing. The rest of the story did not turn out very well for him. I know this is only a novel and this certainly wasn’t any turning point in the book. However, what would happen if each of us could/would give a blessing to someone that is not one of our favorites. How about once a month, even. Think about that!!!

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