Common Humanity

I’m a bit behind in my ‘Giving’/donations for March and April, so thought I would do May at the same time.

March donation – to the Boys & Girls Club of Woburn – my sister’s birthday was in March and she suggested this donation in lieu of her birthday gift.  It is in honor of Mark Lennon – a friend of our family who died, unexpectedly, in February of this year.  This donation celebrates Mark’s life and his commitment to his community.  Consider donating to your local Boys & Girls Club – they inspire youth to live a productive, responsible life.

April donation – The Friendly Kitchen in Concord NH.  The organization’s message is simple: “Eating isn’t a privilege – it’s a human right.  The building that The Friendly Kitchen operated out of burned down in April and so they need donations now more than ever – to continue their mission and to rebuild.

May donation – yogaHope.  Sue Jones founded this amazing organization that is dedicated to establishing rehabilitative yoga programs in residential facilities for underserved women in substance abuse recovery, poor and homeless women, and victims of domestic violence.

Bill Clinton wrote in his book GIVING: “The modern world, for all its blessings, is unequal, unstable and unsustainable.  And so the great mission of the early twenty-first century is to move our neighborhoods, our nation, and the world toward integrated communities of shared opportunities, shared responsibilities, and a shared sense of genuine belonging, based on the essence of every successful community:  that our common humanity is more important than our interesting differences.”  

It is a blessing to be able to donate funds to any wonderful nonprofit that contributes to a stronger community, but remember that is not the only way to help.  You can also donate  by volunteering your time.  Help build your community – share the responsibility!

One response to “Common Humanity

  1. flow and blockage is both the problem and solution of all things that governs our limitations and accomplishments however the effort must be synthesized knowing that all things are accomplished knowing that mental labor preceeds the physical.

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