What is happiness?

ImageThis Fall I’ll be taking a graduate course on Happiness and recently whenever I see the word or an article or book on the topic, I’m reading, reading, reading.

The Chopra Center is presenting an 8-week free online course (to compliment his book – The Ultimate Happiness Prescription and to promote other events the Center offers).

In week one, Deepak writes:  “Happiness already exists within us, but it’s often covered up by our conditioned thought patterns and all kinds of distractions. Just as a radiant sunrise can be hidden behind the clouds, our inner happiness can become obscured by constricted awareness and our daily concerns. But no matter how long we have been lost in fear and limitation, we can learn to rise above the clouds of conditioning and awaken to the source of happiness within us.”

In the book, Deepak states the Happiness prescription as: H = S + C + V     or
Happiness = Set Point + Conditions of Living + Voluntary Activities

Set Point (40%) – do you see things as opportunities or problems (glass half full or half empty)

Conditions of Living (10%) – adapting to the ebbs and flows of life

Voluntary Activities (50%) – the things we choose to do every day….. MAKING CHOICES.

Also, one of the main points of each week’s online session is intention.  What is the purpose for what we do and what are the choices we make toward that purpose?

So, as you go along with your week – consider your intention.  When we ask ourselves why we do certain things, are aware of the desired outcome, and pay attention to whether or not the choices we make align with our intention – we are LIVING LIFE on purpose.

Make an amazing day.



Chopra Center online Happiness Course, week 1.
Photo courtesy of Govinda Kai (www.lunaticmonk.com).

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