Quiet down the inner noise

When the mind is busy, full of noisy thoughts, you cannot excel or be creative. You are fully occupied running around, frantically trying to stay ahead of the chaos.

The opposite occurs when your mind is at peace. When you quiet down the inner noise, you create the possibility to be at your best and most creative.  ~ Derek Lin, The Tao of Joy, Every Day

For the last month of so I’ve been allowing chaos at work (not my yoga ‘work’, my ‘other’ part-time gig) to rock me off my center. Not common for me. Yes, it’s typical for my life to ebb and flow and I have good and not-so-good days/moments, however something had been different at work lately (long story …. that doesn’t really matter since all of our ‘stories’ are the same – they create drama).

I tend to over analysis situations (particularly ones I label as not good) and so I know some of the reasons this life lesson was presented, however when I read this passage this morning, it snapped me back to reality (I use that loosely :-)) – ‘quiet down the inner noise’.  I know this – I practice yoga, I meditate, I process life in a way that I hope to learn from experiences. This short passage from Derek Lin’s wonderful book on the Tao was a simple reminder that I am making the choice to allow the chaos and I can live my life differently when I make choices that are in alignment with what is most important to me and what I value.


You may have noticed by now that I am a big fan of inspirational quotes/stories (see my Facebook page).  The one to the left is right where I can easily see it on the days I am at my part-time job – right near a small piece of paper that says, ‘Be True’.  Sometimes that’s what it takes to quiet down the inner noise – a visual reminder of what is important to us.

Make an amazing week!

Be filled with loving-kindness, Be well in body, mind & spirit, Be Happy and at ease.


Thanks Erin Bryant for the awesome photo!

2 responses to “Quiet down the inner noise

  1. This is the practice I find that yoga asana helps with. Just the simple awareness that things are a little busy upstairs is a feat in and of itself. Many of us just keep feeding into it. I have found I have to just keep repeating some mantras or sayings to bring myself back in and of course some really deep breaths.

    Blessings and super-powers from within,

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