Pain is temporary…


…. But that is hard to remember that when something

I was recently diagnosed with ‘frozen shoulder’.  OUCH!

At times, it has been hard to concentrate on anything other than the pain – and at the same time, I knew that the focus on the pain was causing more suffering.

What’s a person to do?  Well, I ALWAYS begin with the following two questions:  “What holistic modalities would work best for this ailment?” and “Can I afford it at this time?”

It’s very annoying that insurance companies do not pay for the majority of holistic services.  Holistic modalities are usually less invasive and can be very productive in moving toward wellness.

But insurance is big business.  Pharmaceuticals are big business.  Some doctors ‘are in bed’ with drug companies.  A few weeks ago I was at the doctors and before she diagnosed what was going on she pulled out her prescription pad and was ready to write a prescription.  Whoa, Nelly!  I won’t say I’d never take medication (because I’ve learned to never say never), but it certainly is always a ‘last resort’ for me. Hey Doc – how about we find out the source of the issue, then develop a plan, shall we?

When I was telling my friend how aggravated I was about this and how I just wanted to use alternative methods to heal myself, she replied, ‘remember, Maureen, doctors and nurses are modern day Shamans’…. meaning do not discount what both traditional and non-traditional practitioners can contribute to our healing.

Anyways, I took the approach of traditional and alternative medicine toward my issue and it’s going very well.  Less pain today (massage therapy) and a plan to gain full range of motion (physical therapy).

Take ownership of your health.  And don’t take it for granted…. appreciate of wellness.

May we be filled with loving-kindness.
May we be well in body, mind & spirit.
May we be happy and at ease.


7 responses to “Pain is temporary…

  1. I want to make sure to add… I know for some people pain is not temporary. During some of my painful moments I thought about people who have chronic pain and I have so much compassion for anyone who is experiencing that. My Chiropractor, Kate McManus, is part of a team at the Center for Integrative Medicine that helps patients with chronic pain… so if you are someone who experiences that or know someone who does… email me and I’ll connect you to Kate.

  2. i’m sorry you have been dealing with a sore shoulder! 😦 my knees and right shoulder hurt and bother me a lot, i definitely feel you on this! ❤ love you

  3. Sorry to hear of your frozen shoulder–I KNOW that pain, having had both affected 4 years ago. It is an exercise in patience and compassion for what you are able to do–trying to muscle thru is futile and only makes it worse! Breathing helped me alot…..

    • Karen – hello! Miss you! Thanks for reminding me about not trying to muscle through it. There’s a lesson in all we go through, right? And so, being patient and being with what is – that’s part of it for me. Ah, breathing – just helps everything, doesn’t it. And it’s all Y O G A! xo

  4. Thank you for the very important reminder to appreciate every moment of wellness and to never take our health for granted. It is truly the most important thing! Hope your pain subsides really soon. Miss you!

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