The Hallways are a Bitch!

In Life Lessons, the book Elisabeth Kübler-Ross co-authored with David Kessler, Elisabeth wrote: ‘Change is saying goodbye to an old, familiar situation and facing a new unfamiliar situation. Sometimes it’s not the old or the new that unnerves us, it’s the time in between. Ronnie Kaye, author of Spinning Straw into Gold and two time breast cancer survivor says “ In life when one door closes another always opens, but the hallways are a bitch.” That is how change works, it usually begins with a door closing, an ending, a completion, a loss, a death. Then we enter an uncomfortable period, mourning this completion and living in uncertainty of what is next. This period of uncertainty is hard. But just when we feel we can’t take it anymore, something new emerges: a reintegration, a reinvestment, a new beginning. A door opens. If you fight change, you will be fighting your whole life. That’s why we need to find a way to embrace change, or at least to accept it.’

Right now there are so many people in my life who are dealing with change or uncertainty.  Holding the space for others to be in the moment when life is hard can be so emotional.  We want to do what we can to help, to make things better for our loved ones and we need to remember that in the time of challenge is also the opportunity for wisdom.

For me it comes back to choices.  This past week in the Teacher Training Program we talked about choices as we explored Caroline Myss’ Anatomy of the Spirit book and the second Chakra.  Caroline wrote: ‘Managing the power of choices, with all its creative and spiritual implications, is the essence of the human experience.  All spiritual teachings are directed toward inspiring us to recognize that the power to make choices is the dynamic that converts our spirits into matter, our words into flesh.  The fact that our choices weave our spirits into events is the reason the major spiritual traditions are formed around one essential lesson:  Make your choices wisely, because each choice you make is a creative act of spiritual power for which you are held responsible.  Further, any choice made from faith has the full power of heaven (the universe) behind it – which is why “faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain”.  And any choice made from fear is a violation of the energy of faith.’


So… living life, making choices…. not always easy…. and when done with awareness, intention, attention and positive energy – we know we are doing the best we can in THIS moment!  And while we are in the hallways of life, we can have faith that we will learn what we need to from the given challenge and we can know that we are strong and have the ability to get through it and that will bring us to the light!

Wayne Dyer wrote in his book (I’m all about sharing all these fabulous books today :-)) Wishes Fulfilled that there are 5 steps towards manifesting what we want and when we are doing what we need to get out of the hallway, we might include these steps:

1.  Imagination – imagine anything is possible – the world is abundant with so many options!

2.  Feel it/Believe it – whatever it is that you are imagining, it needs to resonate with you in body, mind and spirit

3.  Act as if it’s true – live from the end in mind… it may not be true right now and you act as if it is

4.  Give it attention – anything that we want to manifest we need to give attention

5.  5 minutes before you go to sleep – think positive thoughts – these are the thoughts that will be in your subconscious mind as you sleep.  You may want to include an I AM statement.

Let me provide an example: I want to write a book, a best seller.

1.  I imagine it is something I can do.  I visualize myself writing and smiling and handing the book over to others.

2.  It resonates with me that I can do this and I believe it.  I feel happy and energized when I think about it.

3.  I can do a variety of visualizations to contribute to acting as if this is true.

4.  I am giving it attention by attending Writing Workshops, by dedicating time to writing and by planning various aspects of what it will take to accomplish this.

5.  Right before I go to sleep I think about it and I include an I AM statement:  I am a bestselling author who writes books that contribute to people living life on purpose and that feeds their soul.

And lest I forget… when you are in the hallways…. breathe.  Changing the breath from a regular pattern (or erratic due to stress/anxiety) to an intentional deep breathing pattern will calm the nervous system.  Here’s a website that describes various breathing techniques:

Make an amazing day!
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